Monday, August 15, 2005

get off your a-infos and support these people

Won't you join us? We'll be sending a donation to support the a-infos radio4all project - that's the place we upload our weekly half hour radio show, and where other programmers download it to play on their airwaves - a great example of anarchist organizing, I should think (I mean, california, washington, north carolina, new brunswick, b.c., japan! all picked up rfs from radio 4 all.)

Here's the e-mail we got (do what you can!):

Dear Users of,

We don't ask for funds unless we really need them. We really need your donations now! Since we significantly increased our bandwidth recently, we have also increased our monthly fees, and keeping up with the fees is twice the challenge.

Some generous folks have signed up to make a regular monthly donation of five or ten dollars and that really helps. However, these donations so far cover only 20 percent of the monthly bandwidth cost of 500 dollars. Right now, our current balance will only cover this months bill.

Moreover, our bandwidth provider would like us to pay by the quarter, in advance. That means $1500!

If you are a user of the project and have not yet contributed (that would be most people - at least 30 thousand people visit this site monthly) please make a donation now in any amount that you can afford.

Cash, checks and money orders can be sent to:

The A-Infos Radio Project

PO Box 302

Watkins Glen, NY 14891


or you can use Paypal to make a credit card payment by clicking on the "Make a donation" button at the top of the page at


The A-Infos Radio Project Maintainers

Shawn, David and Lyn

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