Friday, August 12, 2005

heat like death

Any of you who may be looking (or listening) for fresh radio free school shows perhaps noticed the (temporary) slack pace we've acheived - the reason, quite simply, is it's been so bloody hot and the air so polluted, that we've had to restrict ourselves due to serious fatigue. Summer in the climate change regime.

You may have noticed, too, the move to "year round schooling" because, according to once principal, the little critters "tend to forget over the summer." Forget what, exactly?

With summer days stolen by smog and climate alterations, maybe the new air conditioned super school is the place to be. Or, maybe we need to be taking some action rather than sitting behind a desk trying to remember...everything?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh god, year round school? Frightening eh? Summer was the time when I learned to love life. All that time just to play. And for a classic loner, summer vacation was the time to recharge to be able to face the competition of school.

Christ I hated school. I was always looking out the window wanting to be somewhere else.

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