Thursday, August 25, 2005

what would Abbie say?

“MR. WEINGLASS: Between the date of your birth, November 30, 1936, and May 1, 1960, what if anything occurred in your life?

THE WITNESS [Abbie Hoffman]: Nothing. I believe it is called an American education.”

From the Chicago 8 (then 7) Trial transcript, 1969.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Abbie Hoffman. Wasn't he one of those sexist bastards just in the movement to get a little ass. And you can all talk in revered tones about Bob Marley as well. He was just another cheating bastard in it for the ass.

Ya gotta watch out for these good looking rogues with a cause.

Anonymous said...

I doubt mr hoffman did what he did solely for "a little ass" - not to take away from a problem of sexism in movements but discrediting someone's contributions based on private moral scruples is something that the FBI was interested in while they were prying into every nook and cranny of M.L. King Jr's extra curricular sex life, for instance.

Abbie Hoffman brought a sense of humour and creative fun to protest (stuff that the adbusters crowd still try and emulate) - he brought some unhelpful stuff too, but I like the quote about education. If only for succintness of wit.

Nobody's perfect, like that guy Jesus - but let the one without sin cast the first anonymous post...?

Bob Marley too, eh? But doesn't his music continue to inspire millions who don't know/care about his sex life?

Anonymous said...

If you say one thing and do another who the hell are you; and why should people trust you and your opinions? I find small personal actions are far more effective at inspiring than any witty word.

Apparently Jesus got some ass as well. And frankly I think Jesus had an over active ego. Really, a psychologically healthy person would have got their circus outta there before they got themselves killed. "Live on tv you can watch them die."

And hey, I never set myself up as sinless, and I will throw all the stones I want, when they are only aimed at empty cans.

Hoffman, Schmoffman...... pauuh!

And it is not just a sex life. It can indicate a person who can compartmentalize his/her morals. This is self-serving and dangerous.

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