Monday, September 12, 2005

filth and the fury - the "tent" live show

OK, so we did our dreaded "live" broadcast last wednesday from the cfmu tent inside the student centre - what a din! it is difficult to gauge just how technically terrible the show might have sounded - because we could't hear ourselves.
Usually, we pre-record the show, edit it down, and bring it to the station on a disc, or upload it to the net; live brings challenges that give the show a different feel - but i'm afraid it comes across more like the Sex Pistols last show (see the Filth and the Fury if you don't know what I mean) fraught with collapsing structure and ego. That said, the kids like it because it feels more like a radio show when we sit behind the mics and twiddle knobs. The usual method doesn't have the same aura of cool.
We did prepare though: The kids brought material to share and did an admirable job of getting it across - but with the student centre jam packed with frosh and clubs with competing boom boxes howling, etc. and only one set of headphones to share at the booth we couldn't hear what we were doing.
So, while not an outright apology, some context for anyone tuning in and wondering what was going on.
McMaster has an energetic and occasionaly annoying frosh initiation tradition that at times - amid the chanting crowds wearing matching jumpsuits - is downright chilling in its mass conformity intensity.
Underneath the cacophany, the fading memory of the cfmu tent broadcast when it was actually a tent and like all good tents, outside. What we get is a pseudo tent inside. The tradition carries on in name only: in the same way, do the students at the modern university get all that a university should be? Perhaps a question for another day.
Anyway, we're back working on the next show after a bit of a holiday weekend with family: it's a look (listen?) at car-free families and how they navigate a world designed largely for cars.


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