Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Growing Gardens

We're banging these shows out a day earlier than usual - it's very relaxing [until i realized my cd burner burned out] : hope you enjoy. Next week the kids will be presenting their "crazy show" segment, a show unlike any other!
growing gardens
wednesday, october 12, 2005
interviews - Simon Taylor, Gardener, Dundurn Castle "Victorian Kitchen" Heritage Garden.
- Julie Fleming, Hamilton Eat Local Project.
- Eliah, Issac and Acadia Easton-Sweet.
- Evelyna, Bronwyn, Madeleine and Randy Kay and Beatrice Ekoko
music - Bob Dylan, Gospel Plow, Bob Dylan.
- Raffi, Naturally, Bananaphone
tech - beatrice ekoko, randy kay

"And hereby thou wilt honour thy Father and thy Mother : Thy Father, which is the spirit of community, that made all and that dwels in all. Thy Mother, which is the Earth, that brought us all forth: That as a true Mother, loves all her children. Therefore do not hinder the Mother Earth from giving all her children suck, by thy Inclosing into particular hands, and holding up that cursed Bondage of Inclosure by thy Power."
Gerrard Winstanley, A Watch-Word to the City of London and the Armie, August 1649

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