Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dennis Lee

wednesday, november 16, 2005

- Dennis Lee (Alligator Pie, Jelly Belly, etc.) at Grit Lit, Hamilton's small press fair.

music - Woody Guthrie, Dance Around
- Beatles, The Word, Rubber Soul

edits - beatrice

We had a great time meeting and then recording Dennis Lee. He was performing from his children's poetry at Hamilton's small press fair "Grit Lit" last weekend. As you will gather, he builds great rapport with the audience (of all ages) and his reading is very interactive and responsive. A real treat.

Poets and clowns have always risen up against the oppression of creative thought by dogmas. They expose literal-mindedness with metaphor. They demonstrate the follies of seriousness in a framework of humor. Their intimate wonder dissolves certainties, banishes fears, and undoes paralysis. The prophet can denounce creeds and expose superstitions and mobilize persons to use their lights and wits. Poetry, intuition, and theory can offer intimations of the advance of dogma against wit that may lead to a revolution in awareness.
Ivan Illich, Tools For Conviviality.

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