Thursday, January 05, 2006

first for 2006

In a pattern radio free show listeners may recognize, this week's show features interviews made during an outing with some home-school kids; this time it was to visit the local university's archeology lab. Our hosts there were Brandi Lee MacDonald, (Undergraduate) and Rudy Reimer (Graduate Student), Department of Anthropology, McMaster University.

This modus operandi is in fact the original design and intention of the show: namely, to take the kids on a journey of discovery as we learn without imposed curriculum. The radio show is part of our education. Hopefully listeners share in both the informative and the inspiring aspect of learning as a way of being, without artificial hierarchy and, most importantly, on your own terms.

Anyway, the show is Digging up the past.

music - Sisa Pacari, Sumak Causay, Wardance Against the Invaders

edit - beatrice

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