Monday, October 02, 2006


The fourth article by RFS's Beatrice on Home Education is up at the CBC Viewpoint web site, for your reading pleasure.

Nothing like a Moot point to engage the imagination...

But public education has always expended its energies in the support of prejudice; it teaches its pupils, not the fortitude that shall bring every proposition to the test of examination, but the art of vindicating such tenets as may chance to be established. We study Aristotle, or Thomas Aquinas, or Bellarmine, or chief justice Coke, not that we may detect their errors, but that our minds may be fully impregnated with their absurdities. This feature runs through every species of public establishment; and, even in the petty institution of Sunday-schools, the chief lessons that are taught, are a superstitious veneration for the church of England, and to bow to every man in a handsome coat. All this must be unlearned, before we can begin to be wise.

William Godwin, Of National Education.

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