Tuesday, December 19, 2006

6 Gates of Separation

Radio Free School arranges for a personal visit from Graeme MacQueen (pictured here) to the secret location of the rfs studios to discuss and read from his first novel Journey to the City of Six Gates.

Radio Free School have become instant fans of this wonderful adventure story set in ancient India. With the forceful Princess Mati at the centre of the action, young women have a powerful and compassionate hero to look up to. This spiritually moving tale is a treasured addition to our library.

http://www.tulikabooks.com/paperback5.htm is the only place to get it (it is published in India by a progressive press - check it out!)

Thanks Graeme, for the wonderful gift.

Download the show as MP3 or podcast the radio interview/reading here.

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music - "sleep, queen of the dolls" by Baluii Shrivastav, A Planet Sleeps (excerpts)
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