Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Education fit for Democracy
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interview -Roland Meighan, Educational Heretics Press and The Centre for Personalised Education Trust Nottingham, England
Madeleine, Evelyna, Bronwyn
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music - 'To have and to have not'; Billy Bragg, Back to Basics
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tech - Beatrice
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The thing most necessary, is to remove all those restraints which prevent the human mind from attaining its genuine strength. Implicit faith, blind submission to authority, timid fear, a distrust of our powers, an inattention to our own importance and the good purposes we are able to effect, these are the chief obstacles to human improvement. Democracy restores to man [sic] a consciousness of his value, teaches him, by the removal of authority and oppression, to listen only to the suggestions of reason, gives him confidence to treat all other men with frankness and simplicity, and induces him to regard them no longer, as enemies against whom to be upon his guard, but as brethren whom it becomes him to assist.

William Godwin, General Features of Democracy

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