Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Democratic Schools?

Hear the show! Download as MP3 or Podcast by following this link.
interview - Jerry Mintz, (pictured to the left) Director, Alternative Education Resource Organization
review - The Partridge Family (television series; first season 1970) on DVD - Bronwyn, Randy, Madeleine, Evelyna
music - Why I Like Roosevelt, Willie Eason, Blues with a Message
tech - beatrice and randy

"It is by losing ourselves in inquiry, creation & craft that we become something. Civilization is a continual gift of spirit: inventions, discoveries, insight, art. We are citizens, as Socrates would have said, & we have it available as our own. "
— Paul Goodman

NOTE: computer troubles mean that this week's show with Jerry Mintz will be online later and as a result was not aired this week in Hamilton. RFS apologizes for having an ancient computer running windows 98. (I can't believe I just admitted that...)

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