Thursday, January 04, 2007

Radio Love

What's not to love? Radio Free School has benefited greatly from the free service offered by the good people behind - since we started posting our shows as mp3s five years ago, we've had our show picked up and carried by several indy, alt, campus/community, pirate radio stations - for a while we were even on the island of Japan.

The current crop of stations carrying radio free school besides CFMU 93.3 (we don't get paid for this, just so you know we aren't in it for the money, just the fame) are as follows (check them out):

Note that we've got two coasts covered (i.e. atlantic and pacific) and two countries (Canada and the U.S of fuckin' A for geographically-challenged). Pretty damn cool for a few home-schooling flunkies working in the darks of Hamilton Ontario. Funny thing is we didn't even know we were on one of the stations until we came across it on the internet! It's all good though, as they say...

*The starkly beautiful artwork of the north east end of our hometown is from the Archives of Ontario at
Industrial Landscape, Stelco, Hamilton, Ontario, 2002
Peer Christensen
oil on canvas
121.9 cm x 182.9 cm (48” x 72”)

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