Tuesday, February 13, 2007

math flash back

I am somewhat astonished to admit that I am finding math far more interesting now than when I was in school. With some pretty amazing math shows under our radio free school belt, I feel much closer to the world of mathematics than I ever did stressfully facing down flash cards in elementary school, or trying to make sense of sin cos and tan in high school while under the influence of strange herbs or the math teacher's noxious breath.

So this week's show with Don Cohen the Math Man was a treat for me to listen in on. Calculus for kids...who'd 'a thought?

interview - Don Cohen "Math Man" http://www.mathman.biz/
insights - radio free school kids
music - Rachmaninoff, Allegro molto, The Piano Sonotas (Robert Silverman)
tech - Beatrice
listen -
download the MP3 or Podcast at www.radio4all.net

1 comment:

kimzyn said...

I feel that way about history. Math hasn't done it for me yet. Maybe the show will get me stoked.

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