Thursday, June 21, 2007


I was interviewed for 'Sounds like Canada' CBC radio one yesterday. We went to Toronto, R, B and M and I. It wasn't a very long interview-nor was it even really an interview. More like a conversation. There was Kate Cayley (a radio free school guest) of Stranger Theatre and Amy MacKay author of the Birth House, me and the host Kevin Sylvester. We talked about unschooling.

After that I joined the rest of the radio free school gang in the CBC museum. Talk about an educational experience. They have displays that include a fine collection of microphones (famous singers like Joni Mitchell and Ian and Sylvia sang into some of them); there are interactive video screens that bring up various clips of past CBC tv shows and news from the past. Historical events, the Olympics, the Vietnam war.. that the CBC covered. R stood gazing at the model of the Friendly Giant's castle, transfixed by the gentle theme music and the tiny rocking chairs.

There was also a display showcasing all sorts of apparatus they would use to create sound effects on the radio, including a prison door! One interesting contraption was made of wood with a handle to it and a piece of canvas material. When you turn the handle the sound that comes out of it is like this great wind blowing about.

We also stopped at the CBC theatre and watched a short video- i forget the name but it was all about high heeled shoes and the history behind that. It was interesting to learn that in the 17th-18th century only the members of Louis XIV court were permitted to wear high heeled shoes with red heels. It was the sign of the nobility! Now high heeled shoes have evolved into a sex symbol. We learned that the average North American woman has about 30 pairs of shoes and that most women love high heeled shoes. I guess that shows that I'm well below average!!

Later we stopped at 401 Richmond where we explored the galleries, a hat shoppe and a roof top garden. Be u t full!!

Topped off the day with a trip to the St. Lawrence Market before grabbing the GO train home.

The show is supposed to air on Wednesday, June 27, 10 am on 99.1 fm (across Canada!)


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