Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mischief Managed

Well, we just managed to pull the Potter show together after staying up past the bus hours with a bunch of potter fans at Bryan Prince Book Seller's Potter Party in our little part of the world.

Prince's Bookstore is a tiny narrow shop in a walkable community (Westdale) and features high shelves that patrons ascend on a movable ladder. Diagon Alley material, for sure. And of course owner operated by the marvellous man Bryan, and his wonderful staff.

He bought pizza for 500 people.

We ate it up and came up with this: Waiting for Potter

Sorry to the lady who asked me for I.D. when I was trying to interview the kids... I.D. ...at a dress up party! (I was wearing a cape and a fake moustache at the time)

Muggles! They are so suspicious.

The show is more of a dip into fandom, a brush with hype, and a bunch of nice people wearing funny clothes and buying books.

Click on the magic link (above) to find the show and download it.

Now that you've finished the book...

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