Friday, July 06, 2007


The learning curve on new sound editing software (audacity) is cresting, so we hope the quality of the show recordings are heading back into the "good" range as we figure things out.

There are always challenges to getting it right including: our recording equipment (a digital video camera) is six years old and acting older with loose connections that make the audio good or bad depending on how you shake it; competing with child-generated music and general household noise while trying to edit the show, and (partly due to the previous reason) the fact that we often edit in the wee hours after long days of work.

But when the equipment is working, and the humans at the controls are awake, we hope to get the highest possible quality sound out to the airwaves and to the net for you.

You can help by letting us know what you think, about anything we are doing with radio free school. Anytime.

radiofreeschool (at) gmail (dot) com

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