Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Creating a Cooperative Learning Center by Katharine Houk

Many people like to learn together in groups. Small groups. Katharine Houk explains why in a radio free school interview that learning is "a relational experience"- doing things together with people in the community "adds another dimension" to learning.

A learning center also meant for her and her children, learning things that they might not even have thought or known about- so it opens up opportunities.

If you agree with this premise and you think classrooms are far too large, too boring, with no room for creative juices to flow then maybe creating a learning centre might be the way to go.

Personally, there are many days that I feel like I would like to see such a center around here- just cart the kids off or let them walk to it alone and stay there all day. Let them experience all sorts of exciting workshops and courses (of their choice naturally).

I would avoid calling it a 'learning' center though. It really bugs me that the myth is still prevalent amongst us-learning takes place only in institutions.

I think I would go with something like 'Doing Center' or Making space; with the focus on the doing part.
Check out the book though - it's very useful and you might get inspired!

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