Monday, August 18, 2008

Jesus Camp

We watched a very disturbing documentary this weekend about the rise of Conservative Christian Fundamentalism in contemporary USA.

The documentary portrayed children from the ages of about 4 to around 13 at a summer camp called Kids on Fire that has as it's goal the creation of a children's army for God. Kids that young are asked to pledge to fight abortion! They are clearly being traumatized by being told they are sinful and that they are hypocrites that must be made pure and holy in Jesus. They babble away in tongues following the example of the fanatical Pentecostal pastor, Becky Fischer (undoubtedly, she would have been a witch hunter in past centuries). She mentions in passing that had Harry Potter been in the Bible he would "have been put to death," because all warlocks are evil." This women is totally cracked but the influence she has over the children is petrifying.
What is really scary is that the parents support this abuse; and get this. In the US 75% of homeschooling families are Evangelical Christians!!
What really caught my attention was the fervor and passion of these kids. It shows us that kids want a purpose in life. The want to feel useful. They want their lives to have meaning. They deserve that with out all this cruel, disgusting crap.

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Carol said...

I too have seen Jesus Camp, and just cannot imagine WHAT kind of parent would send their kids to it? Wonder what the stats are here in Canada for evangelical christians home schooling? They are pretty much the norm around my neck of the woods, and people pretty much assume you are home schooling for religious reasons.

Scarey stuff!

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