Sunday, September 07, 2008

First Week in School- Ever

My two older girls (12 and 10) went to school this week for the first time ever.
Grade 8 and grade 6.

I still don't think of them as school kids though. To me they are unschooled kids going on an adventure into unknown territory. They are explorers, scientists, investigators and reporters-discovering what public school is all about first hand (the program they are in is supposed to be 'innovative':community and family centred, focused on scholastics, arts and global education.)

Already they are able to see how learning in school works- within a classroom context and the expectations therein- not necessarily the best or most interesting way to learn.
"My teacher is a bit boring." "Music lessons are completely pathetic. Really trivial." But also, they learn a bit of French and the math is interesting too. What is revealing to me is that although my kids have hardly ever done any structured 'sit down' math, they are following nicely
(although slower than the other kids). Again, the experiment is brand new.

They are learning a lot about school attitudes and behavior- for example, only one person can go to the washroom at a time since they don't want a mini party. And also since the school washroom was vandalized. Weird stuff.

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