Saturday, November 14, 2009

More on John Holt and Real Work

You know I'm always writing and thinking about creating opportunities for young folks to work with adults -out in the community. In the continuation of John Holt's essay in the Growing without School (GWS #3, 1978 issue) he talks about how a great many of the people doing serious work in the world (as opposed to just making money) are very overworked and short of help.
"If a person young or not so young, came to them and said, "I believe in the work you are doing and want to help you do it in any and every way I can, will do any kind of work you ask me to do or that I can find to do, for very little pay or even none at all," I suspect that many or most of them would say, "Sure, come right ahead."
Working with them, the new comer would gradually learn more and more about what they were doing, would find or be given more interesting and important things to do, might before long become so valuable that they would find a way to pay her/him. In any case, s/he would learn far more from working with them and being around them than s/he could have learned in any school or college."

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