Friday, May 07, 2010

More Work

Someone wrote a comment on the previous post about there being laws against child labor. I think they were implying that kids working at jobs is a negative thing. The person missed the point of that post: kids delight in earning money.

Sometimes it's a necessity as it was for my sisters and I when we were growing up and there was no money what-so-ever to buy anything 'extra.' Even basics like toiletries came out of our own pockets. But we did not feel deprived nor sorry for ourselves; we felt proud that we could get these things ourselves through our efforts of babysitting and sewing.

In our North American culture where mum and dad pick up the tab for most everything, one wonders what will become of that sense of competence, not to mention the problem with kids feeling entitled to whatever the other kids are getting.

My friend, working for a thing adds value to that thing; it also evolves a sense of appreciation of what it takes to actually earn a dollar.
The subject of work is one worth exploring further: look out for more posts to follow.


Anonymous said...

Eli (my 10yr old) was lamenting just yesterday about this culture and how it is stopping him from getting a job and earning his own money and how lame it is he has to wait until he's at least 14 to get a job ---

rfs said...

I'd encourage his entrepreneurial spirit and help him start his own business lol!

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