Monday, August 09, 2010

Gold Digger

Author Ursula Le Guin wrote, 'Artist-writers are miners, digging deeper and deeper to get to the true gold-to find out what it is they really know about themselves, about their life, about other people, about life.
But their shovel, their pick, the tool they use is their writing. Writing itself, a learning device-a means of knowledge, self knowledge, knowledge of life."

That 'pick,' that 'shovel,' is what we are after when we talk about unschooling or self directed learning, or authentic learning. The learner needs to be free to discover what that pick looks like.

But finding your own pick is very hard to do if you are trying to follow another person's curriculum and expectations. Here is the beauty of an education that evolves from inside out-from the depths of the self.

To find our own picks that we can use to uncover the gold within ourselves. It doesn't matter what that pick will look like- that's the fun of learning-because they are only a means to an end- digging our own gold.

Shouldn't every human being have the right to dig into the depths of our mysterious selves? To uncover the gems that lie within?


Anonymous said...

You bet! Passion based learning is the only learning that is truely meaningful

Plain and Joyful Living said...

This is wonderful. To spark a love a learning or to observe and nurture that spark is our job.

rfs said...

@plain and joyful living-love your site!

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