Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Great Expectations

There's this issue with unschooling. Everybody expects BIG. Results I mean. "Okay so you're doing this different thing. Shouldn't you have something stunning to prove to me that it works? Convince me, other wise other why bother keeping your kid out of school?"

A whole world of self-determination, of the right to pursue one's interest, to live one's life now (not after graduation) eludes this type of thinking.
How unfair to demand that unschooled kids be exemplary of extreme achievement.

My unschooled 11 year old daughter often bursts out saying, "I love my life." Isn't that amazing as is? How many kids can say this? Most of her schooled friends lament that they wish their lives were other than they are.

Why isn't this enough?


Anonymous said...

It really is enough.
My boys seem miserable right now, and they are home educated. I don't think they love their life like your daughter does. It is only September and I am already tired and afraid. I read about delight-driven, unscooling ,ect. and gave it a "try" here and there over the past few years....but I just haven't been able to jump into the freedom I see. Is there a place in this world for gamers becaue that is the only time they seem to enjoy life?This "institutional" mindset is realy hard to kick....and I fear I'm too left brained to know how to reach them.

rfs said...

@-Anon-thank you for sharing what you are experiencing. The toughest lesson we learn from unschooling is to unschool ourselves. You need to get the support necessary to sustain and assist you especially through the moments of doubt we all face.
Are you part of a network or online community? Try Unschooling Canada. It's the best there is! Wonderful people and all at different points of the journey (with many veteran mums and newbies as well).
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Home education invigorates you, if you're ready to rediscover or discover your inner child.

What if...?

How much...?

Where should...?

How can...?

If there is something you've always wanted to do, do it. If there's something that your kids want to do, let them. They know themselves best. They evolve and grow with knowledge of themselves.

I think a lot of people get scared because they are not 'schooling' but 'schooling' isn't home education. Home education is much, much more.

It's a world of learning.


rfs said...

Thanks Danae. You said,
"I think a lot of people get scared because they are not 'schooling' but 'schooling' isn't home education. Home education is much, much more."
It's that fear that the kids aren't 'learning'-which translates to not getting filled up with the exact same things the kids at school are; at the exact same time! (That is, if indeed they actually even recall half of what they are getting forced to get).
Free yourself of this type of thinking. It is imprisoning. It is not unschooling.

Saint Chuck said...

I wish for nothing more than to be able to say 'I love my life'.

rfs said...

@saint Chuck-maybe you can begin by finding an aspect of your life that you love and then aim to expand on that?

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