Monday, January 31, 2011

Dayna Martin: Radical Unschooling and the Partnership Paradigm

I recently had fun interviewing Dayna Martin (just before she and her family hit the ski slopes!). Dayna is an author, speaker, and advocate for natural childbirth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and radical unschooling and passion.

She wrote Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun. Tasora Books. (2009)

Her latest book (coming out soon) is a "coffee table book" for mindful parents looking for support on the unschooling journey. It's in the form of photos (her husband's) and her own, original quotes.

 True Freedom; inspiration for radical parents is the name of this book

This is her blog:

Dayna and her family are organizing the Life Rocks conference in New Hampshire this spring.

You can listen to her talk about radical unschooling and what it means to be in a 'partnership paradigm' as opposed to an 'authoritarian paradigm' when it comes to parenting.

Listen to the interview by clicking on the download button on the side bar or by clicking here:


Anonymous said...

What is Dayna Martin on? She seems to me wearing rose colored glasses. I mean-seriously. I'd be cautious about following a woman who never has any problems or concerns; whose live seems too good to be true.

rfs said...

@Anon-Yes it does seem really hard to believe that there are people who enjoy and love their lives. But don't you think that we could all learn something from those folks who have discovered how to be happy in the lives that they lead?

Anonymous said...

She needs to practice what she preaches and embrace respect, love and being authentic!

Anonymous said...

She is a sociopath liar. I am not kidding or even saying this out of spite, she really is. She DOES NOT live this kind of life, but she preaches it. Its unattainable and she's just trying to get famous. Its sad, really.

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