Thursday, June 09, 2011

Yes! (Successful unschooling? Say yes more).

My husband said about our youngest, "She is having the best experience. Out of all our kids, her mindset works the best for unschooling because she says "yes!""

I get what he means. If unschooling begins with the experiential, if it means to learn by being immersed in the experience, if it entails awaking in the morning with an eagerness for the day; to be open to adventure and to expect the good rather than the boring and dreary then being a 'Yes Man' supports this strategy of learning.

"The key word is yes. It signifies a willingness to try new things and to be active, asking questions, explore. It leads to knowing where you are. A sense of belonging."
For whatever reason when the kid is not open to suggestions, he says no a lot. Husband continues, "the kid misses opportunities to see and to do; that is to experience and to discuss and debate and enjoy the things seen."

It's all about experience.

Saying "yes" as a parent is also important. "To pull yourself of the couch when you don't feel like it, or to go on a bike ride, kick a soccer ball, go to a movie. It's two ways. It's mutually beneficial.

In conclusion this daddy wants to share with you readers an insight he acquired from  improv comedy.

He says, "'Yes' is the secret to success. In comedy as in life experiences you go along with the character. You don't think about it. That openness in turn opens up new possibilities."


Unknown said...

I was just telling my 13 year old unschooled daughter how she has something very special. She is very responsible, yet she has the ability to totally absorb herself in the moment. It is such a special gift.

Unknown said...

@Cathy-I wonder if rather than being a gift so to speak, it is more a natural result of being allowed to develop interests, have quiet time-lots of it-and not being interrupted?

Anonymous said...

I find myself saying no so often-when i could just as well say yes. SO what if if rice gets all over the floor or if their clothes get dirty or if they eat ice-cream before dinner?

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