Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Uncluttered Mind.

My mind, these days is like a sift.Forgotten appointments, half thought out plans, a gazillion 'to dos' racing around my brain and I wonder what it would be like to have a silent mind; to not always be thinking about this that and the other useless thought. I want to stop the internal talking to myself and suspend all interference with that inner knowledge; that wisdom that comes to us when we allow ourselves to stop. Just stop.

To unclutter my mind. It is a challenge I have set myself. Amidst my crazy busy-ness I will carve out tranquil moments- five minutes here, another ten there. I will pause and not. I will not reflect. I will not fret. I will not plan. I will not worry. I will not hurry. I will remain still. What can be more important to well being than conserving energy?

And so with kids who are growing up with out school, I see in many cases that they already have the upper hand on being closer to the 'uncluttered mindset.'  There is a clearness of intention because they are less encumbered by the thoughts and intentions of others. This means that they can get to their thing more smoothly; they can hear dissonance quicker; they can cut out the crap faster.
They can be who they are sooner
Here's a nice quote from Elder's Meditation of the Day:

"Everything I know I learned by listening and watching."
Vernon Cooper, LUMBEE

Great Spirit, help me this day to slow down. Help me to listen - quietly. Help me to watch carefully. Help me to listen to my inner voice. Let me listen and watch only the thing You would have me observe. Guide my eyes and my ears to be focused on You. Grandfather, love me today and teach me to be quiet.


Kelleigh said...

We can certainly learn a lot by observing children who are given the freedom, time, quiet, and space to just BE! I too struggle to give myself permission to do this very thing.

Btw-I think your blog is very uncluttered:) and easy to read. Your posts clearly convey thoughts without being overwhelming. And, your posts really "speak" to the reader. I love that! Keep up the good work!

rfs said...

@Kelleigh-wow! Thanks for the comments.Always learning, alsways growing.

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