Sunday, September 04, 2011

September. Oh No! (School again)

 "School starts on Tuesday," my 15 year old announces. Say whaaaaaat?
How can this be? Mostly, why is she (as well as my 13 year old) going?
I thought that after their three year stint in institutionalized education they would have had enough. I thought that they would have had a taste of compulsory schooling to make them come running back to personalized learning. But no, something keeps them going back for more.
Routine? Predictability? 'Normalcy'? A sense of solidarity/needing to identify with the peer group? God knows but it sure is a damper. I was just getting into the holidays. I can't fathom that just as the weather begins to cool down, and the breathtaking colors of fall will be there for the looking at, they are heading to classrooms. Luckily, I still have one at home who has no intention of warming the school bench.
She will be reading on the couch, researching at her computer, playing soccer, volunteering in the community, training dogs and making art.Maybe when they see how much she achieves, how rich her life is, they might want out of schooling. Here's hoping!


Kelleigh said...

Hi Beatrice! I can feel your frustration. I know school provides a different experience for every child - some seem to enjoy it, some not so much.

At least your school goers know that they are welcome to "come home" whenever they want. That is such a wonderful thing! You keep on keeping and enjoy your time with your one at home! Thanks for your post, Kelleigh

P.S. You can check out my anti-back-to-school rant over here: Back to School? Not!

rfs said...

@Keleigh-thanks for the encouragement! I checked out your blog and will be coming back for more-for sure.

pixymagic said...

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