Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween is for all ages!

"I hate Halloween," my sister says from across the miles,over the telephone. "It's all about sweeties and candies and sugar."

I use to lean more towards that opinion myself but my kids cured me and taught me to think otherwise. "Halloween is a  time to dress up and no one stares at you because it's normal," says my nearly 16 year old. 

Ever since she could talk and understand stories, she has gone around everywhere on regular days, dressed up in costume-role playing a 'character' from a book. So of course, she'll embrace an occasion where people can do this without getting funny looks and rude yells like "Halloween is in October!"

For her, it's exciting to see the costumes, going door to door for candy with friends and having a fun time.

Yes, she still goes out.
You might wonder what a kid this age is doing trick or treating.  At some point they have to stop right? I suppose so. But as she says, "We have a hard time, we 'teens'. We are not adults- we can't even vote. We can't do 'adult things.'  

"And yet, when we go out to trick or treat, we are considered too old. But really where is the harm? We dress up and with the rest of the community take to the streets for a night of celebrating the mysterious, the thrilling, the scary, the spooky." 
They certainly contribute to the ambiance.

How about the little 'ins? Isn't it too scary for them? 
I remember when one of my kids was two and when I took her out with her older sisters, she was terrified of the costumes. So we went home and the older two continued with their daddy.
We gave out candy in the safety of our home.

So Halloween? I ended up going with the flow and not stressing about the outrageous amounts of sugar they were eating. After all, it comes only once a year so why not indulge and go a little crazy with the rest of them?

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