Thursday, October 06, 2011

John Taylor Gatto: Send John a get well message today!

Are you kidding me? Jerry Mintz over at AERO sent on the Gatto update and here is what he writes in his newsletter;
Janet Gatto called to express John’s thanks for sending them over six dozen get well and appreciation messages that were emailed to the AERO office. She said it really made a difference and cheered him up since his recent stroke.
Are you KIDDING me people? Over six dozen get well and appreciation messages? Why isn't there over 60,000 messages urging him to get well soon?
This is the man who gave many of us courage to educate our children without schooling. Something doesn't jive with this picture. Jerry goes on to report from wife Janet:
He is improving day by day but still his great weakness in his left arm and leg. His handwriting is coming back to normal, and his voice is improving. The messages we received were very heartfelt and sometimes emotional, expressing the impact that John’s work has had on so many lives. People can send more messages to us if they want and we’ll see that they get them. Email to

So do it today for John.


Anonymous said...

Done. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Happy get well messages

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