Sunday, March 11, 2012

You are the cutting edge.

Take a deep breath. You are the cutting edge.

You are a 'learning in freedom,' education activist. Yours are the sharpened knives cutting though the crap that conceals the truth about how learning happens and education is really acquired.

That truth? True learning is interest lead and passion based.
Education is not 'product,' that once you've 'got,' you've got it for good. The act of education is a never-ending process.
You know that there are many ways to live, to be.

You are travellers of the avant-grade. Few have ventured where you

Take heart. You will emerge bringing trophies from your journey into the unknown.

Go bravely into this new world. As you go, you will find that your awareness to your surroundings increases your understanding.
Respect for life and self are enhanced.

A sixth sense for opportunity as well as for contribution steadily develop. Know that you will be forced to expand and to grow in all ways.
Your children will demand this of you. You will demand it of yourself.

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