Thursday, July 05, 2012

Student Liberation Project

Here's something to help those kids who are in the school system but who want out. It's a blog called Student Liberation Project: Getting Students out of School and School out of Students by Andrew Pappin  in Santa Cruz.
Imagine you wake up tomorrow and school is no longer compulsory. What would you do? Would you go to school anyway? Or would you scream for joy until your voice went out? I know what my 10-year old self would have done. I would have started running and jumping and skipping and dancing. Life would have been vibrating through every part of my body pushing me to run faster and jump harder. Then I would have calmed down, and life's endless possibilities would have danced through my head.
But that is not how my 16-year old self would have reacted. I probably wouldn't have reacted at all. My excitement at life was gone. What was left was expectations. I no longer lived my life, but lived other people's idea of life.
What happened to me in those 6 years?
School happened to me.
School happens to most of us.
School that will have us believe we have to go through- in order to 'build character.'
School with its  heavy-handed, clumsy approach to education.  An introduction to a lifelong addiction of doing what you're supposed to do.  Years of lassitude and boredom. School. Ruiner of imagination. Suffocating, forceful; school that isn't so bad.
After all, how else can we get educated? How else will we make citizens of little savages? How else will we make level the ever-expanding playing field between rich and poor?

If you are one of that increasing number of people who doesn't believe the hype, if you are a youth looking to do something different, the Student Liberation Project is a nice place to get you started on unschooling or deschooling. Andrew has compiled a list of resources, articles and more to inspire and encourage you.
Check it out!

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