Friday, October 05, 2012

Be a Nerd.

Don't forget to be AWESOME!

Nerdiness is officially cool! Really. Think of all the kids dressed up as nerds who came knocking on your door last Halloween. Maybe they did it because everyone else was doing it. Or maybe, since everyone else is doing it, it's  now okay to let loose your inner nerd. Still, dressing the part doesn't truly make you a nerd.What then is being a nerd about?

Let yourself be silently drawn
by the stronger pull
of what you really love

I'm hearing from nerdy circles that to be a nerd is to be, "Into things."
Nerdy, self-named, “Neo-Modern Cyber Hobbit” daughter gives me this definition: “A nerd is someone who cares passionately about things to the point of obsession.” Dr. Who, anyone?

“When people call people nerds mostly what they are saying is, ‘You like stuff,’” says John Green Nerdfighter, (“We fight against suck....we fight for awesome. We fight using our brains, our hearts, our calculators and our trombones”), Vlogbrother (of Hank Green) and founder of Fight World Suck.

What this translates into is that you’re earnest.  You’re enthusiastic
“Nerds are allowed to LOVE stuff like Jump up and down in the chair can’t control yourself, LOVE it,” Green enthuses.

Hell no, we won't bore!
Nerdiness is good news for the planet. When I look at all the cool things nerds are doing, it's like they are part of a movement that is saying, "Don't be afraid to be who you are. Reclaim your interests, discover new ones."

What is a nerd? From Cyber Hobbit's younger sis:
"Everyone is a nerd if they have a personality."

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Anonymous said...

Foundation to decrease world suck. Love the idea! I'm all nerd.

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