Friday, December 21, 2012

The gift that keeps giving:freedom in learning

Maybe you are new to this blog. This post is for you. This year, give the gift that keeps giving. Give the gift of freedom in learning: unschooling, self-directed learning. For those of you who can't go all the way, there's no reason why you can't apply much of the philosophy to your children's lives. And for those of you who are already having your own unschooling adventure, consider these brief words a confirmation of what you already know about freedom in learning.

Here's what you'll be giving or rather, should I say, 'enabling':
1. The gift of time. Less business is more. This means more time to get into the groove -and to stay and be saturated in that groove. It means more time to find that groove and get really good at whatever it is their interested in. On the other hand, there's more time to experience a wider portion of the world out there!
2. The gift of flow. Let the creative juices flow uninterrupted.
3.The gift of self control. This is a gift we all wish could have been nurtured in us starting from a very early age.
4.The gift of initiative. It is a gift to be able to take initiative and be responsible for one's actions.
5. The gift of family and community. This year, plan to share your kids more.
6. The gift of adventure. Create your own. The unknown can be scary. The sooner the kids begin to accept that, the faster they learn preparedness for the unpredictable; the sooner they are able to welcome surprise into their lives.
7.The gift of wonder. When you are following your interests, you will never cease to be awed by the sheer mystery of things.
8.The gift of self knowledge. With more focus and less chatter and busy work, 'know thyself' becomes clearer.

Freedom is contagious. These gifts spread into other lives; into the community and the world, encouraging others to go on and do the same.

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