Monday, April 15, 2013

Message to the People

Truer and truer:
All the knowledge you want is in the world, and all that you have to do is to go seeking it and never stop until you have found it. You can find knowledge or the information about it in the public libraries, if it is not on  your own bookshelf. Try to have a book and own it on every bit of knowledge you want. You may generally get these books at second hand book sores for sometimes one-fifth of the original value……
The value of knowledge is to use it. It is not humanly possible that a person can retain all knowledge of the world. But if a person knows how to search for all the knowledge of the world, he will find it when he wants it. A doctor or a lawyer although he passed his examination in college does not know all the laws and does not know all the techniques of medicine but he has the fundamental knowledge. When he wants a particular kind of knowledge, he goes to the medical books or law books and refers to the particular law of how to use the recipe of medicine. You must, therefore, know where to find your facts and use them as you want them (pp. 5-6). Marcus Garvey, 1887-1940.
This excerpt is from Message to the People: The Course of African Philosophy 

Who was Marcus Garvey you ask?
Marcus Mosiah Garvey was a Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator who was a staunch proponent of the Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, to which end he founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). He founded the Black Star Line, part of the Back-to-Africa movement, which promoted the return of the African diaspora to their ancestral lands.
Garvey was unique in advancing a Pan-African philosophy to inspire a global mass movement and economic empowerment focusing on Africa known as Garveyism.

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