Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hamilton’s first Self-directed and Interest-based Education Centre is opening soon!

Hamilton’s first Self-directed and Interest-based Education Centre for Teens is accepting applicants!

Located in the James Street North Neighbourhood, Hamilton, Fertile Grounds is a self-directed, community-based, interest-led learning studio for teens aged 12 to 17.
We offer teens the opportunity to be pilots of their own learning, study what they are passionate about, and learn practical skills. An incubator of ideas and possibilities, it is a place where youth are invited to actualize a vision, inspire and be inspired, in a community setting. 

Young people are visionaries, innovators and creators when they are given the support, space, and time to find answers to their questions.  At Fertile Grounds, we assist in the development of each teen’s talents and interests—remaining respectful of their unique learning paths.
Fertile Grounds Learning Studio is an alternative to high school for kids who:

·                love learning but are bored in schools,
·                are talented, skilled, but unsatisfied with school,
·                have a hard time in school and are falling between the cracks
·                have no sense of belonging, and feel they do not fit in,
·                have big dreams but no time to pursue them,
·                are project-oriented but don’t have the time of space to explore,
·                want to focus on their strengths

for more information please visit, www.fertilegrounds.ca

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