Saturday, January 04, 2014

My crystal ball predicts the future of education

This morning, I looked at my crystal ball to see the future of education and what's to come in 2014 and on to the end of the decade. Here's a quick run down of what I saw:

The school 'monopoly' on education is crumbling and will continue to loose ground.
Education will be democratized—the internet has taken care of that.

It's all about my education. What do I want to learn? Students will demand more freedom in learning. Students are already working for more self-determined learning opportunities.
The power of educators is being transferred to the learner: Learners in control. Education will become more personalized. You can see this already with the cropping up of learning studios, centres, informal groups, informal arrangements for skills-building, training and general learning etc

People are looking for more creativity, more uniqueness, more opportunities for expression and DIY is all the rage. In the future it will be all about your skills and you ability to meet the needs of the community you serve.
 We will see 'passion-driven' learning result in heightened mastery and specialization; thriving, vibrant communities of knowledge holders, contributing towards stronger communities.

The role of teachers? Alvin Toffler says it best in an interview for Edutopia:

I think (and this is not going to sit very well with the union) that maybe teaching shouldn't be a lifetime career. Maybe it's important for teachers to quit for three or four years and go do something else and come back. They'll come back with better ideas. They'll come back with ideas about how the outside world works, in ways that would not have been available to them if they were in the classroom the whole time.
So, let's sit down as a culture, as a society, and say, "Teachers, parents, people outside, how do we completely rethink this? We're going to create a new system from ground zero, and what new ideas have you got?" And collect those new ideas. That would be a very healthy thing for the country to do.
What do you predict for the future of education?

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