Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Unschooler and author Kate Cayley: How you were born

Years ago,  our Radio Free School program had the honour of not only interviewing author Kate Cayley for our show, but we also created a youtube video based on the interview where Kate describes growing up unschooled. Now she's got the Trillium Prize for her recent book How you were Born.
Read about it in Now Magazine. Check out Kate's video here:


Anonymous said...

Society has this belief that it is moral to obey the law. Unfortunately millions of people really think there is a law requiring them to attend school when there is no such law. When millions of people realize there is no law requiring them to attend school. Millions will join the 100,000-500,000 who are no longer attending school. You didn't attend school and neither did thousands of your friends. Well not thousands, lol. If we can explain to both the Canadian and Anerican public that attending school is completely voluntary we can bring voluntary compliance down and cause both public school systems to collapse. They are going to collapse eventually and don't be the last person on your block to stop unschooling.

T Sunfrog said...

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