Saturday, April 15, 2006

Six Nations land re-claiming

Talking around the sacred fire at the Six-Nations land re-claiming occupation outside Caledonia, Ontario. A peace-rally held at the site last Sunday was well attended and for some, a chance to re-acquaint with friends from a previous struggle, opposing the Red Hill Expressway in Hamilton.
For a historical outline of the land claim issue dating back to the final days of the American Revolution, and for updates and support options, you can start here (until something better comes along. )

INFORMATION: Six Nations Solidarity, or CKRZ]

The Ontario Provincial Police are keeping an eye on the situation which has also included counter-demonstrations in Caledonia by non-aboriginal opponents of the land re-claiming. The OPP are a subject in an inquiry currently underway involving their role (and the government's) in the 1995 shooting death of Dudley George at Ipperwash, Ontario, during a land re-claiming action . So far it's been pretty quiet and peaceful. Supporters are welcome.

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