Wednesday, June 07, 2006

oh, and a sheep brain

Rushing to finish this week's show we scrambled to get the e-mail announcement out to our radio free school list before the show hit the airwaves(e-mail grassroots(at) to get on the list). As Beatrice dictated the credits - we quickly decided to call it Heart and soul and then went on with our non-radio free school lives.

The heart reference is to a sheep's heart the kids examined on a trip to a local college to do a day of science - they also got a close up look at a sheep's brain, which in hindsight might have made for better title imagery, but the vagaries of a wednesday morning eat up spare time for thinking up witty titles almost as fast as the kids go through a jar of honey (i.e. fast!)

So here we are, Wednesday night, everyone has returned from their busy days winning soccer games, getting synchro swim moves right, reading books, listening to Hank Williams and eating daddy's special french toast. Heart and soul.

Heart and soul - the show is a lovely mish-mash of interviews with the kids, book and movie reviews, music and "the Crazy Show." It's sort of like a variety show. The way radio free school can go sometimes.

Hope you like it.

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