Friday, June 30, 2006

where have we been?

Wow, too busy to blog: that's busy! Since we stuffed a sheep brain in your ears we've come up with new shows like "Black Homeschooling in Ontario" and "from Jean Little" and this week (a web exclusive since we didn't get it to the station in time for airplay, that will come next week for Hamilton area listeners) "'Bill 52' and 'Leaving Germany'" - and we're ready for more. Hopefully you are too...

So, we've been busy, but we can't talk about it much. R is getting a benefit concert together in Hamilton to support the Six Nations land re-claiming in Caledonia and going to meetings to organize Car Free Day in Hamilton; B has been doing some writing (details later) and the kids are busy being kids - last night we went berry picking at twilight and walked home through the woods sparkling with fire-flies.

That's the update.

The blog lives!

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