Friday, August 11, 2006

Been a long time since I rock and rolled...


interview - Brandi MacDonald; McMaster University; Anthropology and Geology student

'Idling Stinks'- skit written by Debra Kierstead performed by Erica, Madeleine, Evelyna, Caleigh, Marquesa, Jordan, Marrakech for the launch of an anti-idling campaign in the city of hamilton (though it lacks the status of a by-law that would be enforceable through penalties like fines Ed.)

Movie Review- 'Magic School Bus' by Madeleine and Evelyna

Crazy Show- with Bronwyn and Evelyna

music - Hard Travelin' Woody Guthrie

tech - Beatrice, Randy

"Those who resist dominating power (and in the process, create a different kind of power) – whether in their daily lives, or in more formal protest organizations – do not necessarily have fully developed long-term strategies formulated in their minds. While the absence of such strategizing has often tended to make us doubt the legitimacy of effectiveness of the resistance, feminist/anarchist perspectives challenge us to recognize that such skepticism is unwarranted. In fact, I would argue, “local action” – action taken not on the basis of some universalized narrative about “revolution,” but on the basis of challenging (a) particular oppressive relationship(s) – partial and limited though it might seem, is the only politics consistent with a commitment not to deny the differences among us."

Ackelsburg, Martha, “Rethinking Anarchism, Rethinking Power”, Reconstructing
Political Theory; Feminist Perspectives,
Shanley, Narayan eds.

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