Thursday, September 25, 2008

A winner!

E (age 12) won second place for her poem in Power of the Pen Creative Writing Awards- a competition for poetry and short fiction put our by the Hamilton Public library for youth ages 12 to 18yrs.

A Totally nameless Poem

Life is short and swift and brief

There and gone in the twinkling of an eye

It leaves us nothing but our grief

Twane as moonlight in a starfilled sky
Life is a maze, it twists and bends

A dream from which we must awake

Where death is but a quick dead end

An unknown road we all must take
Like the falling of a star

Like the setting of a shining sun

No matter who or what we are

Our death will take us when our day is done
Like the daylight of midwinter

Like a wave upon a sandy shore

Life is but the tiniest of shimmers

A flicker of a moment, nothing more

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