Wednesday, December 14, 2005

web only preview

Because we finished editing the show on the morning it was to air, and i started to upload the wav. file rather than the mp3, and because we have dial-up and it takes 2 hours or so to upload the show to the radio4all web site, and since James at CFMU can't be expected to be waiting to flip the show onto the station's hardrive ready to broadcast (though to his credit he's done it before); what i'm trying to say is this week's show is at but it didn't air at cfmu.
So downloaders can get it before the people of Hamilton get it on the airwaves: which brings us to a question - if you download it, tell us if you find it difficult to hear - we had some issues getting the sound quality from the phone interview onto the computer. If you tell us it sounds bad we have time to try and re-record it. If it's not too bad we will leave it alone and take a 10 day holiday cruise or something, heh, heh.
So, the show, the show is an interview with a lovely young woman named Kate Cayley
who shares her experience as a "grown - un-schooler" (to attach a helpful label). Kate founded the Stranger Theatre Company in Toronto.
This concludes a three week series (that wasn't a series) of interviews with grown-up home-schoolers (to use a variation label).
And, to let you in on all our dirty little secrets (ha!) because our cd drive is buggered, we had to limit our musical choices - we got the Beatles "Think for yourself" which is a good idea but mired in a male-chauvinistic time-warp, and a talking heads song, "crosseyed and painless."
So there you have it. An invitation to make comments...

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