Wednesday, February 15, 2006

love curriculum

fun stuff and growing with David Albert feb. 15/06

interview - David H. Albert, author: have fun. learn stuff. grow: homeschooling and the curriculum of love (2006, Common Courage Press)

music - The Beatles, "Dear Prudence"; "Blackbird"; White Album

movie review - Spy Kids 1, reviewed by Evelyna Kay

tech - edits, Beatrice. production, Randy

"On that first afternoon he [i.e. Inuttiaq] stayed at home, participating in thewelcoming feast of tea and bannock and silently listening to his daughter's tales ofthe strange kapluna [i.e. "white"] world where people are always loud and angry(ningaq), where they hit their children, let babies cry, kiss grown-ups, and makepets of dogs and cats."

Utkuhikhallingmiut perceptions of "white" world, from Never In Anger, by anthropologist Jean L. Briggs

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