Sunday, March 12, 2006

counting on you

A big 'thank you' to Radio Free School supporters for your kind contributions to support campus/community radio at CFMU 93.3 FM

Every bit counts: the following people (in no particular order)gave from 2.00 to 25.00 dollars to support radio free school on CFMU, for a grand total of 225.00 (20 of which we are sending to for their web service) - we appreciate your generosity!

Hanna Schayer
Mark Walma
Vilma Rossi
Sandro Giordano
Lesley Lilliman
Lindsay KockJulie-Ella
Dean Carriere
Minnie Walker
Gail Kay
Len Kay
Michael Hampson
Craig Latendresse
Denean Easton-Sweet
Debra Kiersted
Natalie Zur-Nedden
Mira Ekoko
Gabriela Luchsinger

(if we missed acknowledging you, let us know!)

Now, back to the show...

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