Friday, June 02, 2006


Homeschooling Blues - it seems Homeschooling in Germany is against the law, and that the state actively pursues active home learners.

For this show, Beatrice gets on the international phone line to interview Jonathan Skeet, a homeschooling Dad in Germany feeling the heat.

music - Penitentiary blues, Lightnin' Hopkins.

Download or Podcast here

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Anonymous said...

I was more or less forced to leave Germany, because I chose to educate my child myself, instead of leaving it up to the german government. They screwed up twice already, and I was not going to let them undermine my parental authority once again. My girls, now 23 and 25 have been brainwashed, that was not going to happen to my third child, who I had been homeschooling underground since Fall 2002. I wanted to give him more than Germany was willing to offer, so we came to the states, where I am originally from, but we leave behind my husband, so he can still be the bread winner. Germany has left a bitter taste in my mouth, after almost 30yrs of robbing my self-esteem, and self-worth, I was not going to let it happen any more.

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