Saturday, July 29, 2006

no idle bunch

An e-mail from a friend at Green Venture - would our children be interested in putting together a short skit on idling (cars) for a launch of an anti-idling campaign?
We look to our friend Debbie who has done theatre with home school kids: Captain Squeezy's performing arts group answers the call with a play: CANADIAN IDLE.
The kids get their lines Tuesday evening and begin memorizing right away. Wednesday they have it down and work a bit on delivery. Thursday morning they meet with the other kids and go through the play. Minutes later they are on stage.
They performed their roles very well and made some good points about the health impacts of needless idling.

Canadian Idle-
List of characters:
Teacher at Hamilton High School - Evelyna
Students: Jules Mcgee (judge) - Erica
Jessie Mcgee (judge) - Caleigh
Lucy Macfarlane (contestant) - Marquesa
Jane Van Doe (contestant) - Madeleine
Angela Tripsel (contestant) - Marrakech
Mr. Mcgee- Jessie and Jules's father - Jordan

Location: The schoolyard outside of Hamilton High School.

Teacher: Today Hamilton High students, we are doing a special fun activity. We are scheduled to do gym class but the city's health officer has recommended that children should not do strenuous exercise today due to the high smog warning. Instead we will do our own version of the show “Canadian Idol”.
Lucy, Jane and Angela, you will all be contestants on the show. Jules and Jessie will be the judges.

All students: Yeh! That's more fun than gym anyways!

Teacher: Let's get started. Jules and Jessie, you start things.

Jules: Ok. Line up contestants.

Jessie: Lucy you will be first.

(The three contestants line up. At the same time Jules and Jessie's dad drives up in his car -he's early to pick them up. He leaves the car idling while he waits for Jules and Jessie to finish school.)

(Lucy steps forward and starts her song. Halfway through, she has a coughing fit and has to stop her song.)

Lucy: Sorry Judges, the smog is really bothering me. (She glances at Jules and Jessie's dad). Car exhaust contains nasty chemicals that lead to smog. Kids breathe a lot faster than adults do so they are bothered more by the bad air. I think that the smog has been affecting my breathing and that's why I have this cough. (Lucy has a big drink of water from her water bottle then continues and finishes her song. She steps back into line).

(Everyone claps).

Jules: Well done Lucy.

Jessie: Let's have contestant #2- Jane. Please step forward and share your song.
(Jane steps forward and begins her song. Part way through she starts coughing and wheezing. Jules and Jessie's dad gives them a friendly wave and then looks at his watch).

Jane: (She takes a puff from her asthma puffer, then after catching her breath) Did you know that one out of five kids in Hamilton has asthma? I'm not abnormal. Asthma is really normal here. Actually 5000 Canadians die prematurely from air pollution every year and many more get sick from it. I'm sorry Judges, I'll try to finish my song now. (Jane finishes her song. Everyone claps and she steps back in line).

Jules (Jules and Jessie step up to the front). Thank you Jane.

Jessie: Now for our final contestant- Angela.

(Angela steps forward and begins her song. Near the end of her song she stops- she's itching her eyes).

Angela: Sorry Judges- this air is irritating my eyes. She sniffs. The air smells bad terrible. Idling cars are so bad for people's health and for the environment. It's bad for the cars too. And it wastes money and gas.

Jules and Jessie's dad looks over and points to his watch. He looks very irritated).
Jessie- Please try to continue Angela. (Jules and Jessie look embarrassed)

(Angela finishes her song. Everyone claps. Angela moves back in line).

Jules: Now for the exciting moment. (Jules and Jessie whisper to each other then nod in agreement)

Jessie and Jules (together): The winner for today's Canadian Idol is......

The winner is excited.

Jules: That's the end for today's Canadian Idol – and hopefully for today's Canadian Idle.

Jessie: See you again.

Teacher: You did a great job kids. Thanks for including some important information along with your songs.

(Jules and Jessie's dad is waving trying to get their attention. When he doesn't he gets out of his car and walks over to the group.)

Dad: Come on Jules and Jessie. I'm in a hurry. I've been waiting over 5 minutes.

Teacher: Perhaps you didn't understand Mr. Mcgee, that this was Canadian Idol not Canadian Idle.

Dad: (looking confused) what?

Teacher: Canadian Idol- I-D-O-L not I-D-L-E. Our children need fun and exercise and fresh air. Not idling cars causing smog.

Dad (looking angry)- Well.....Come along Jules and Jessie, we must go.

Jules and Jessie (together): No dad, we think we're going to walk home with our friends instead. Idling stinks.

All: Yeah, Idling stinks.

(Angela and Lucy put on their bike helmets, getting ready to bike home; the other three kids start to walk home. The teacher heads to the school. Mr. Mcgee drives off in his car.)

[the end]


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