Thursday, September 14, 2006

turtle island education

Aboriginal Home-educators with Seema Ahluwalia & Carl Boneshirt, and Stephanie Gilchrist.
- Mark LaForme, All Souled Out, Vintage
Tulku "Ghost Song" featuring Jim Wilson (Choctaw)

The Indians, apparently have no idea of correcting or restraining their children; personal chastisement is unheard of. They say that before a child has any understanding there is no use in correcting it; and when old enough to understand, no one has a right to correct it. Thus the fixed, inherent sentiment of personal independence grows up with the Indians from earliest infancy. The will of an Indian child is not forced; he has nothing to learn but what he sees done around him, and he learns by imitation. I hear no scolding, no tones of command or reproof; but I see no evil results from this mild system, for the general reverence and affection of children for parents is delightful; where there is no obedience exacted, there can be no rebellion; they dream not of either, and all live in peace under the same wigwam.

P.58, Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada, Vol. III, By Mrs. Jameson, 1838.

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