Wednesday, March 21, 2007

don't blinking miss it

The Winking Circle on Radio Free School - (download or podcast)

interviews - Ben and Will Zenga, Matt and Sarah

music - Vivaldi, Concerto in E major Op. 8 No. 1 "La Primavera" Allegro (the four Seasons) performed by Red Priest

movie review - The Winking Circle Video Zine reviewed by the midnight shift (Madeleine, Bronwyn, Randy, Beatrice)

tech - randy

web -

news - our friends the Kiersteads have graciously set us up with a domain name: we are now easily remembered and found at - thanks Deb and Brian and children!

It is nevertheless true that if society is ever to become free, it will be through liberated individuals, whose free efforts make society.

Emma Goldman, Preface to Anarchism and other essays

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