Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thank You

Thanks to the lovely and supportive people who donated to our show during the annual CFMU fund-drive:

  • Len and Gail Kay
  • Hanna Schayer
  • Kelly Hilton
  • Elizabeth Gray
  • Denean Easton-Sweet
  • Natalie Zur Nedden
  • Debbie Kierstead
  • Mira Ekoko
  • Isabelle Ekoko
  • Dean Carriere

Radio Free School's total contribution to the fund-drive was $290.00.

And if you were wondering, it's not too late to donate. You can send cheques to CFMU ("CFMU Radio Inc.") with "radio free school" in the subject line.

McMaster University Student Centre Room B119,
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 4S4

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